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Single Tooth Replacement (Implant) In Jaipur

Single Tooth Implant/Extraction in Jaipur– An ideal restoration of a lost tooth should be one where the missing tooth in question is restored to its total form and function. A single tooth implant offers the same functionality without damaging or grinding adjacent teeth. The anchorage of a single tooth implant comes from the bone and it simulates the stability of a root as it also is embedded inside the bone.

Single tooth replacement with an implant is one of the most prolific dental implant treatments. It is conservative yet very functional, surgical yet expeditious. Tooth human implant. Dental concept. Human teeth or dentures. 3d illustration

Single Tooth Implant Jaipur

A single tooth implant can be an Immediate Implant or a Conventional Dental Implant. Immediate Implant Surgery is a procedure where an infected tooth or severely damaged tooth is extracted and replaced with an implant on the same day hence the name. In such cases a bone graft is commonly used to fill the socket space and the tooth is buried to be loaded for an after date. Conventional Dental Implant Surgery is a procedure where an implant is drilled into an already existing edentulous space. The loading of the implant or crowning of an implant happens instantly or after 4 to 6 months depending on fusion of implant with the bone.

Single tooth implant has three main parts.

⦁ A Dental Implant

⦁ An Abutment or Connector

⦁ A Crown or Cap

How it’s done?

Under local anaesthesia the bone in relation to the missing tooth is sequentially drilled to the desired width and height to accommodate the preselected dental implant. IOPA X-rays with a Radiovisiograph helps in monitoring the placement and position of the dental implant

Once the implant is secured it is either buried or prepared for tooth replacement by taking an impression followed by a prosthesis.

Is a Single Tooth Implant better than Crown and Bridge?

Definitely,single tooth implants are better than a crown & bridges. Crown and bridge requires a prosthodontist to trim the adjacent teeth which is unnecessary and could possibly lead to root canal treatment of those at a later date. In a crown and bridge the support comes from the trimmed teeth unlike from the bone in a dental implant.

Single tooth implant not only restores form and function of the missing tooth but also improves aesthetics and is easy to maintain. The longevity of a dental implant is also considerably better than a crown and bridge.

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